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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Easy Herb Spread

Sometimes a girl grows a lot of different herbs in her backyard and sometimes, she needs to find ways to get some of them used up! I tend to dry them around early fall, but sometimes I just want to savor the freshness of a newly picked stem of rosemary or thyme.

This isn't a "recipe" as much as it is an idea. One night my husband, the grill master, was grilling some steaks on our grill (along side our home grown squash and zucchini) and I wanted to give those steaks a little "va va voom"! I've done balsamic reductions and Bearnaise variations to bring more life into my steaks, but I felt I wanted something not saucy, but filled with fresh flavor.

1-2 tbsp each:
thyme leaves
rosemary leaves
1/4 c basil leaves
1/8 c parsley
1 tbsp fresh lemon zest

Chop this mixture into a fine paste. Spread onto steaks, fresh from the grill. The smell of the herbs as it hits the hot steak is outstanding!

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