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Friday, September 12, 2008

Baltimore’s New School Chef- Tony Geraci

I'm proud to say my close family friend, Melody Simmons has written an incredibly interesting article for Gourmet Magazine on the continuing child obesity epidemic and the changes some local folks are trying to make. Melody has been a reporter in Baltimore for more than 25 years. She was a staff writer for The Evening Sun and The Sun for two decades where she covered city and metropolitan news, and was on a team that investigated a corrupt city public housing program that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. She has covered medical issues and the health care system as a former weekly freelance columnist for The Washington Post, and now is a news feature reporter on my favorite radio station, WYPR. I'm proud to know her... and to post a special blog on this article.

You can check out the article here . I'd love to hear your thoughts on what this chef for the Baltimore school systems is trying to accomplish. I think it's quite amazing!


Anonymous said...

Maryland-grown farm specialties at least three days a week??

awesome! and heck yeah for bmore in gourmet magazine!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for pointing to the article, Meghan. I think that what Toni Geraci is doing is outstanding. This comment had me nodding firmly because I have heard such comments from so many young people here in the Caribbean and not particularly about peaches but all the other fruits readily available here. “I just had two first-graders tell me that they had never had a fresh peach,” Geraci said.