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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lemon Sorbet

My husband bought me the ice cream bowl attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday as I've been dreaming of making icy treats for a very long time. If you have this model or are considering it, keep in mind the bowl has to be frozen for at least 8 hours before using it, but if you're like me, you can just store the bowl in your freezer for anytime use! I thought I'd start out simply, and with confidence, in making a simple sorbet. This is a very strong flavored sorbet, and if you want to omit the zest for less intensity, please do.

A sorbet is really just a mix of sweetened water and fruit puree or juice. Unlike it's icy cousin, sherbet or gelato, sorbet does not include dairy and is a vegan product. In Italy, a Granita like the one I made here, is the closest thing to sorbet, but has a more crystallized texture.

Often a sorbet is used as a palate cleanser in between courses of meals, but is also perfect for a light dessert. For pregnant women or cancer patients, sorbet can also be used to ignite the palate to encourage eating during a queasy moment.

The recipe for this lemon sorbet is quite simple.
Equal Parts each: lemon juice, water and sugar. I used 1 c of each. Additionally I added the zest of each of the lemons needed to create 1 c of lemon juice.

Bring the water and sugar to boil in a pan (we are creating simple syrup here), remove from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes. Combine the syrup with the lemon juice and zest. Pour contents into a container and allow to cool in your refrigerator for about 4 hours.

(***Cooks note: This is entirely up to you. The nature of my ice cream maker requires properly cooled liquids before being churned. Some models don't require this additional wait time.***)

Once the mixture is cooled, process in your machine per instructions. For the Kitchen Aid model, add mixture to bowl and mix on speed 2, for about 20 minutes. Return sorbet to container and freeze for about an hour.

For an adult dinner party, add about 3 tbsp of your favorite Limoncello to the mixture before chilling in the refrigerator.


Maur said...

Oh this looks divine!
I'd serve it in a hollowed, frozen lemon....i could go for it right now!

Julie said...

Nice birthday present! You're going to have fun with this.

Adam said...

Lemon sorbet sounds awesome this time of year :) I like how you even "adultified" it with the Limoncello... that stuff is dangerous... in a good way.

Thanks for checking out my site, I'll be back.

Laurie said...

I have been addicted to making ice creams this summer, but I haven;t tried sorbet yet. This looks and sounds yummy!

hot garlic said...

Meghan! Everything on here looks delish and delightful! I love anything with CRISP in the name, especially if it is a crisp, and yours looks divine!

Anonymous said...

OOh nice! I have been dying to make some frozen desserts myself!

Nora B. said...

Hi Meghan,
Wonderful that you husband got your the ice cream bowl attachment! Unfortunately, my current freezer isn't big enough for me to put such a bowl in.

I like the adult version of this sorbet :-)

p/s: Thanks for dropping by my blog. I wonder if one can make kumquat sorbet?? That would taste yummy as well. But I can't imagine anyone would want to try grating the zest of these little fruits...

Mrs. L said...

It's recipes like this that have the ice cream attachment for my mixer at the top of my birthday wish list!

Kevin said...

A nice lemon sorbet with simple and good ingredients sound really good.

K8teebug said...

Thank you for this inspiring recipe! I've had a cuisinart ice cream maker for 5 years, and have only used it once :( Maybe this will get it out of the cabinet!