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Monday, December 31, 2007

One Year; New Year

Well my holiday celebrations and dinners are a thing of the past and now and I can think back as I reach one year of documenting my culinary curiosities. This has been a challenge and a great experience. This year, I've had to really focus in on what ingredients I would shop for, and from what source I was getting my food. Shopping farmer's market's in order to get fresh and organic and in-season foods, while supporting local farmers, also became a passion of mine. Trying to apply thought into the entire process, from procuring to preparing and feasting. Documenting my explorations or my memories and challenging myself to try and improve upon each recipe. I've also been exposed to so many other food blogs(gers) who impress me and inspire me to create the food I crave. It's been a huge year of change for me, buying my first house with my husband, working two jobs, taking classes, friends getting married and this food diary. I even had the honors of being nominated and placing 5th (out of 80 entries!) for a food blog competition through .
I'm looking forward to what 2008 might hold..Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to the kitchen.

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