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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Rosemary Butter Cookies

The Baltimore Sun (my local paper) has an annual holiday cookie contest. My parents submitted and won this very contest over 15 years ago for thier cookie, "Nutmeg Flats".

My husband and I decided to submit our Rosemary Butter Cookies for the contest in hopes others would see how amazing they really are.

Last week I got a call letting me know that we had won, along with a few others, out of over 100 submissions!

Rosemary is very important as a symbol or Remembrance. Over a year ago when I was getting married, my husband and I chose this herb as a central theme in my wedding. When we came across this recipe, we knew we had to use it as part of the dessert options at the wedding. All the women in my family and my bridesmaids all came together to make these cookies, along with our infamous "italian cookies" that have been made for decades for all family holidays and weddings.

Here is what the article had to say:

Sugar and spice may or may not be what little girls are made of, but they definitely take center stage when it comes to holiday cookies. More than 100 bakers answered our call to send their best sweet or spicy recipes for our annual holiday cookie exchange. We floured, buttered, sliced and tasted our way to nine favorites - four sugar, four spice and one "everything nice" that had the best of both.The winning sugar entries were rolled in sparkling, coarse sugar; flavored with subtle citrus or a surprising herb; studded with colorful fruit; or topped with a light coating of superfine sugar. For Meghan of Parkville, the Rosemary Butter Cookies she submitted are part of a long family tradition of baking cookies for weddings.She and her husband, Evan , found the recipe in a wedding edition of Martha Stewart Living and chose it for their wedding last year because they liked rosemary as a symbol for remembrance. Murphy baked dozens of the crisp, buttery cookies with her bridesmaids - and now the married couple bakes them as Christmas gifts. Because it's more buttery than sweet, this cookie would add nice diversity to a mixed-dessert plate, and would even be at home at a cocktail party on a platter with cheese and fruit. "People react really well to this cookie," Meghan says. "It's pretty much fail-safe."

Congratulations to the other winners!
For another great winning recipe, check out


Rachel said...

Hey Meghan! I found your site from my stats counter. I was going to tell you congrats! Your recipe looks so good!! You know, I don't think I live too far from you, we live in Lauraville.

Rachel said...

oh yeah, my email address is

are you going to start a food blog too??

Kim Slater said...

I have been looking for a recipe for Rosemary Cookies ... Would it be possible to get the recipe ?

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